Four-Year-Old Restaurant Reviews

In 2013, I went to a Japanese brunch and sat next to an incredibly picky friend-of-a-friend. He would put each bite in his mouth with this crazy-dramatic hesitance, and then his girlfriend would try to translate his facial expressions to determine whether he liked it or, more likely, exactly how much he didn't like it. Watching him made me think that it'd be funny to publish restaurant reviews via incredibly picky eaters, and of course, little kids are just so much better than picky adults.

I would find four-year-olds, take them to fancy restaurants, and document their critiques with photographer Isla Murray. The reoccurring installments turned into the most successful series on The Bold Italic, with The French Laundry edition becoming the second-highest viewed article of all time on the site. 

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The French Laundry

State Bird Provisions


Chez Panisse

Mission Chinese Food