Jessica Saia is a short, cowlick-plagued pale person who enjoys wearing orange jackets in front of brick walls (pictured here). She is a visual content producer, a role that she essentially made up yet thrived in at The Bold Italic, a San Francisco publication that shut down in April, 2015. (To be clear, she was DEFINITELY NOT the reason it shut down.) She grew up in Michigan and studied Art & Design in Chicago. In an attempt to lose her horrifying Midwest accent, she migrated to San Francisco and settled into the tree-heavy hub of the Duboce Triangle, where she has been trying to figure out the heating system in her apartment for the last six years. Her likes include free samples, turbulence, and infomercials about cleaning supplies. Dislikes include the current postage stamp options, newscaster voice, and being peer-pressured into a standing ovation.

jessica.saia@gmail.com / Twitter / Instagram