Ridiculous Bar Menu Designs

A huge part of what set The Bold Italic apart from other publications was our constant attempts to take things that were happening around town or in the news and quickly react to them in a visual way, rather than just a written angle. If we had time to anticipate things, even better. 

Trick Dog is a San Francisco bar that is famous for its incredibly creative menus that change themes throughout the year. I love the bar, as well as the effort they invest in making their menus out of the ordinary, but I was there with a friend one day and we spent the entire time imagining what kind of elaborate menu design would be next. When I heard that they were about to unveil their next menu, my coworker and I prepared this article imagining what life would be like if all the bars in SF went as far as Trick Dog with their menu designs.

Original link here.

With Taylor Reid, photos by Sierra Hartman