Dramatic Portraits of Dogs Pooping

As the Visual Producer of The Bold Italic, I would often take pitches from artists hoping to contribute and try to adjust them, encouraging some 'twist' so that the end content would be something new. (A feat when it comes to the Internet.) When a nature photographer emailed me hoping to publish some very beautiful, very typical photos of the landscapes and wildlife of San Francisco, we brainstormed, trying to find some way to push it to some ridiculous extreme. We landed on gorgeous, sepia-toned portraits of dogs pooping. Which, to me, isn't actually as low-brow as it seems on the surface. It's about taking a visual cliche and finding some way to make it new. Or, maybe it really is that low-brow. Who knows. Either way, it was wildly successful, and ended up being the third most-viewed article of that year.

Original link here.

Photos by Brock Daves